Books have a tremendous impact in our lives. Ranging from inspirational and motivational, to educational and informative, there is nothing beneficial than reading a good book. Books are pockets of comfort that can help us find the true joy in re-reading it. These same books can also  teach us some of the best life lessons. Think back and remember how all your favorite books always had a moral in the end. 

Benefits of Reading Tamil Story Books 

Storybooks are usually considered the best way to teach young children about wonderful and important life lessons. Tamil story books, in particular, take in the blend of the beautiful language, story and a moral in the end. Children can actively learn and seek more from. In today's digital era, kids can also read online Tamil story books. 

Good books have many benefits. Apart from helping you learn new words, identifying vocabulary and broaden your scope of the language, good online Tamil story books are also capable of doing many other things, such as: 

  • Promoting brain development, imagination, and curiosity in children. Studies show that children exposed to storybooks are more likely to be empathetic, have higher emotional quotients and intelligence as compared to their counterparts who did not read storybooks. 
  • An ideal characteristic behind story books is to help children understand their culture, and learn more about others’ culture as well. Online Tamil story books, in particular, have the tendency to speak a lot about ancient history, rituals, etc. in a way that children can understand too. 
  • Reading stories and playing games together acts as a measure of family bonding. Parents and grandparents can take their time out to spend with their children, teach them the values and morals of the story being read out, and definitely have a fun time.   

iPaatti: Best Online Tamil Story Books Platform

iPatti’s focus is to create excellent quality Tamil books and games that teaches kids morals and values while also incorporating a great sense of learning. Tamil puzzles and word games of iPaatti are unique and one-of-its-kind. These act as a development technique to generate a better scope of Tamil vocabulary in your children. Make the best use of Ipatti’s resources to help teach your child values and language at the same time. You can also home deliver these Online Tamil story books by ordering from 

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