Childhood is the most imaginative period of our life where we are free to make up as many stories as we like. The social and cultural practices of exchanging stories, sometimes with improvisation, theatrics, or exaggeration, is referred to as storytelling. 

Storytelling In Brief 

From science to relationships, sentiments to memories, and questions to arguments, stories help us make sense of what we encounter. 

The term "storytelling" can apply to oral storytelling in a limited sense, as well as approaches used in various media to unfold or reveal the narrative of a storey in a broader meaning.

The time you spend reading with your kid fosters bonding and aids in the development of your connection.

Storytelling & Tamil Language Development 

If you read a Tamil story to your kid, it will help them learn it faster. Besides that, a Tamil story for kids helps their imagination as well as speaking and listening skills. Telling your child stories and reading out tamil story books online can keep them in touch with their culture and also, enhance their vocabulary as well.   

Stories told in one’s mother-tongue is a great way to keep your child connected to its roots. For children growing up in foreign countries, it is difficult to teach them Tamil. Even in a foreign country with a different first language, you can help your kid learn through Tamil story books online. 

Online Platform Of Story For Kids in Tamil 

iPAATTi is an online platform that includes several language learning tools. It has been at the forefront of developing effective language learning games and stories to help in the introduction of Tamil to every child. 

They have a large online and physical library that contains a suitable story for kids in tamil. The best thing about Ipaatti is that they offer Tamil story books online which are not only suitable for kids but also for adults as well. You read several good Tamil story books online with your kid and introduce them with Tamil language. 

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