செயல்வழிக் கற்றல்
(Play & learn) 

Play-based learning games, apps and children's books are an essential part of language learning. These are abundant in English and Spanish. But, the lack of quality play-based learning games/apps and children's books in Tamil languages have greatly impacted children's ability to learn the language and explore the wealth of knowledge in the languages, which is 2500 yrs old (one of the classical languages in the world). Our primary focus is to create "Play and learn" products in Tamil. 

Our online games are available on web, IOS and android app. You can now play these games on web (laptop or desktop) for free. For mobile device, download app from app store or google playstore . Any comments mail to or +1 (703)-901-7904

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You can download our apps from IOS or google play store. Just search "Ipaatti".

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கதைகள் | Tamil Story books

கதைகள் | Tamil Story books

செயல்வழிக் கற்றல் |  Activity Based Learning

செயல்வழிக் கற்றல் | Activity Based Learning

Reading Tamil stories and playing games together acts as a measure of family bonding.

மெல்லினம் | Mellinam