Hello, my name is Soorya Gayathri Kantham and I am working as a store manager in New York. I am a mother of a 10 and a 6-year-old kid. I was a full-time mom before my younger kid turned 3. I started working again after that. 

While my eldest child was 7 years old, I stayed at home. I helped him learn Tamil under my guidance. I taught him to write, read and speak Tamil. Since English is the first language in the USA, I was the only source for my children to learn Tamil. 

While my elder kid learned it properly, the younger one never got a proper chance to focus on his Tamil. And when he started going to school, he got engaged with his English-speaking friends. Even at home, he used to speak English.  

This wasn’t doing anything bad or so, it’s just I wanted him to stay connected with our culture and roots. And language plays a very important role in that. I was worried that he might not stay in touch with Tamil. I made them read a good Online Tamil story regularly, but they didn't show much interest. 

But to my surprise, one day while I was scrolling through my feed, I came across this amazing website iPAATTI. This is a USA-based Tamil learning portal that has a variety of stories and books for your child. It can help him learn or improve his Tamil. This website has a variety of Tamil Story books, recorded stories, online Tamil games, Online Tamil story, Games, Tamil Rhymes, and a lot more for your child to do. 

I immediately went through their plans that they sell and ordered a set of Tamil story books for my child. Honestly, it turned out to be helpful. My child thoroughly enjoyed those games and read a good Online Tamil story every day and gradually his Tamil started improving. 

Today, he’s well versed in the language. He still accesses the website for the games and we have a great collection of awesome Tamil story books at our home which we ordered from iPAATTI’s website. You can read a good Online Tamil story every day here. 

I recommend all those who are staying in foreign countries to use this website and app if they want their child to learn Tamil by reading a good Online Tamil story every day in a fun and interesting manner.

Gayathri S

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